BIREVER 30 MetroMap fire door

The certified EI fire door, Birever 30, with its innovative design and solid wood frame, is the optimal choice for combining safety and refinement in hotel spaces. The flush opening with overlapping moldings, pushed instead of pulled, not only offers a higher level of security but also adds a touch of elegance and modernity to the rooms. Suitable for a wide range of applications in hotels, such as rooms, hallways, and common areas, the Birever 30 fire door adapts to different design aesthetics thanks to the possibility of customizing the moldings, which can be either symmetrical or asymmetrical. This flexibility allows meeting the specific needs of each hotel structure, creating a welcoming and personalized environment. The advanced technical features, including the double solid wood frame, certified intumescent seals, and high-quality Yale lock, not only provide a refined aesthetic to the Birever 30 door but also guarantee maximum fire safety. This contributes to creating a hospitable and protected environment, ensuring the tranquility and safety of guests.

Technical catarrhesitics


  • Thickness: 58mm Shaped Door Stop: The door stop is shaped compared to the frame, adding a touch of design and precision.
  • Perimeter Structure: Double solid wood structure, guaranteeing strength and durability over time.
  • Hollow Structure: Made with FSC-certified hydrocarb MDF panels, ensuring a quality and environmentally friendly product.


  • Frame: 50mm thickness, made of solid wood coated in veneer or lacquer.
  • Flush Profiles on the push side and L8 or L9 profiles on the inner side of the opening.


  • Intumescent Gaskets: Certified on the upper and lower crosspieces of the door and on three sides of the frame, offering maximum fire safety.
  • Acoustic Stop Gaskets BP: Contribute to reducing unwanted noise, ensuring a quieter environment.


  • Yale Lock: Non-panic, silently deadlocking without anti-burglary feature, ensuring maximum security. Entrance: 70mm with Key/Knob cylinder for secure and controlled access. Concealed Hinges: Three EI certified hinges, adjustable in three dimensions, for flexible and precise installation. Recessed Door Closer: Ensures controlled and silent door closure. Fixed Strikes: Contribute to the structural stability of the door. No Sound Acoustic Floor Threshold: Provides effective sound insulation, keeping the environment quiet and comfortable.

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