BIREVER Fire Door 30 Altair Constellations

The certified EI fire door, model Birever 30, with its innovative design and solid wood frame, represents the ideal choice to guarantee safety and style in hotel environments. Its flush opening with the door frames not only provides a security solution, but also adds a touch of elegance and modernity to spaces. The ideal applications for these fire doors include their use in hotel rooms, corridors, and common areas. The ability to customize the door frames, both symmetrically and asymmetrically, allows the door to adapt to different design aesthetics, meeting the specific needs of each hotel structure. Thanks to its advanced technical features, such as the double solid wood frame, certified intumescent seals, and high-quality Yale lock, the Birever 30 door not only offers an aesthetic solution, but also ensures maximum fire safety, contributing to creating a hospitable and protected environment for guests.

The two-tone lacquering is a special processing of the door leaf that appears particularly successful on the Birever model. The intumescent seal placed in the middle of the stop covers the color change line: in this way, depending on the side from which it is observed, whether to pull or push, the door can have two completely different aspects.

Technical catarrhesitics

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  • Thickness: 58mm Shaped Bevel: The bevel is shaped relative to the frame, adding a touch of design and precision.
  • Perimeter Structure: Double solid wood structure, ensuring robustness and durability over time.
  • Panelled: Made with FSC IDRO CARB MDF panels, ensuring a high-quality and environmentally friendly product.


  • Frame: 50mm thick, made of solid wood coated in veneer or lacquer.
  • Flush profile on the push side and L8 or L9 profiles on the inner side of the frame.


  • Intumescent Seals: Certified on the bottom and top transoms of the door and on three sides of the frame, offering maximum fire safety.
  • Acoustic Seals BP: Help reduce unwanted noises, ensuring a quieter environment.


  • Yale Lock: Non panic, silently latching without anti-intrusion, ensuring maximum security. Entrance: 70mm with Key/Handle cylinder for secure and controlled access. Concealed Hinges: Three EI certified hinges, adjustable in three dimensions, for flexible and precise installation. Flush-mounted door closer: Ensures controlled and silent door closure. Fixed bolts: Contribute to the structural stability of the door. No Sound Acoustic Floor Threshold: Provides effective sound insulation, keeping the environment quiet and comfortable.

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