BISUPER 60 PantoNext LP88 fire door

Explore the excellence of Bisuper certified fire doors, where the combination of sophisticated design and top security performance reaches its peak. Innovation in the Frame: The distinctive heart of the Bisuper door is revealed in its frame, a masterpiece of unique shape and craftsmanship. Built entirely in solid wood, this element is a tribute to high-quality craftsmanship, offering a touch of class that harmoniously blends with the environment of a prestigious hotel. Double Flush Rebate: The Bisuper door stands out further thanks to its double flush rebate to the frame. Apart from providing sophisticated elegance, this feature ensures high fire resistance, making it ideal for the strictest safety standards. The double flush also contributes to a low thermal transmittance, improving the energy efficiency of interior spaces. Superior Performance: The high level of performance of the Bisuper door makes it the ideal choice for hotels seeking a combination of security and style. Fire resistance offers peace of mind and compliance with safety regulations, while low thermal transmittance creates a comfortable and energy-efficient environment for guests. Choose Excellence: With Bertolotto's hotel doors, transform your hotel spaces into a safe and welcoming luxury experience. Opt for the Bisuper fire door for uncompromising elegance and reliable security. We create an environment in your hotel that combines style, comfort, and peace of mind. Explore our collection today and discover the perfect blend of sophisticated design and advanced performance.

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