Gardesa Spa

December 30th is celebrated on 1° birthday of 26-rsquo; acquisition of Gardesa security doors by Bertolotto SpA , a company founded in 1987 that has experienced constant growth in these over thirty&years; it has become one of the leaders in the sector with its 40 thousand square meters of Bertolotto factories where they 200 thousand doors all’ year for a range of over 38 thousand models.

This acquisition has allowed Bertolotto porte to grow and consolidate its prominent position in the national and international door market, completing the offer of its products with a range dedicated to entrance and security doors.

Thanks to a constant commitment and large investments, it is is managed to bring together the different competences of the two realities; towards a single and common goal, the continuous search for qualityà and growth.

Gardesa, historic Magiostrine company producing armored doors, si is covered again, starting from the 26-rsquo; appearance with the new sign that has taken up the payoff ‘ ’ Security specialists ’ ’ that in the years 80’ had guaranteed success.

“ L’ air of renewal is breathed throughout the l’ company – declares Claudio Bertolotto , AU of Gardesa – thanks to the substantial investments that have made it possible to modernize the infrastructures of all the plants, the interventions we have carried out in just one year include a new fully automated system for the production of the door armored, a new painting plant, a complete restyling of the production site and customized vehicles for deliveries. ”

L’ company, despite these last months of great difficulty; in the procurement of raw materials, it is not necessary; never ran short and got is committed, with excellent results, to always respect the delivery times of orders, without disregarding the expectation of qualityà and reliabilityà of customers.

All this has allowed Gardesa to regain the market shares that had declined over the years, foreseeing the closure for 2021 with a turnover of 40 # 37 thanks to the renewed confidence of the market in the Gardesa brand.

This is It was only the first year of major renovations, major new investments are planned for 2022, not only aimed at optimizing and implementing production, but also at the development of new services for products.

To give some examples is expected l’ introduction of new product ranges with an innovative design and fire certified doors. Verrà also implemented a new logistics department for armored doors and interior doors from where the deliveries of products for all of Italy will start.

Business growth is transversal to every sector, in fact also at the employment level is has been remarkable, going from 50 to 65 employees in a very short time, numbers that are destined to grow further in 2022 given the need to insert, in a completely renewed and dynamic environment, new staff to implement the production departments and the technical and technical offices. commercial, offering excellent growth and gratification prospects for both junior and senior candidates.

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