Bertolotto 2020 from Record

The company acquires another 11 thousand square meters and increases production

by Andrea Caponetto



The local company that ; everyone has invested in their own development in these months is Bertolotto Porte , which completed, from 2016 to 2019, three expansion steps (approximately 22 thousand square meters) in the craft area in the south-east of the country and is now starting a fourth, massive development project, on a new lot of about 11 thousand square meters. With these extensions Bertolotto completerà the automation of the honeycomb panel systems (the largest part of the doors), which in the last two years had already been built; started producing at 95 # 37 in Torre San Giorgio.

The top management of the company now intends to expand the plant with a profile production department. È The construction of two new warehouses, one for the semi-finished product and one for the raw materials, was put in place.

To conclude the project, is the creation of new offices and a new showroom with a beautiful view of the provincial road and a complete restyling of the corporate facade are planned over the next two years.



The company is born in 1987 in the artisan expansion area in the south of the country from the idea of Attilio Bertolotto , Claudio's father. The link with Torre San Giorgio is always been very strong. The company has often participated in public utility building interventions; and supported the initiatives organized by the Celebrations Committee. But his contribution ; important Bertolotto made it in the realization of the Palatorre, flagship of the country:   a project that could not have been completed in such severe times; fast without the public-private synergy that has involved numerous companies.


Rooted is then the link between the top management of the company and the staff, largely made up of young people from all over the Saluzzo area. It is no coincidence that on 6 September the employees organized a party for Claudio's birthday (40), which falls the same year as the 70 of patron Attilio: 110 years in two, which the collaborators wanted to celebrate by giving them a monograph on the history of the company. A volume, which father and son are working on to update it with their stories, which could go to print by the end of the year.


The growth of Bertolotto in the last years is due to a winning mix of factors, which the CEO Claudio Bertolotto simplifies as follows: We started from a high-quality productà and we have never stopped innovating and obtaining consumer protection certifications, embracing a green philosophy and promoting a low environmental impact supply chain. We have acquired partners and leading distributors in the national panorama  who already had 26-agrave; enviable showrooms and selected clienteles.

At the same time we have invested a lot in the image: today our brand is recognizable, known to a varied public and the campaign Portamazione, or the scrapping of the old interior doors with discounts on Le Originali Bertolotto ®   broadcast for 5 months on national radio and TV, it brought important results, even in this difficult year.

What is snapped in the minds of consumers?

Without prejudice to the importance of communication and our operators, yes is verified what I anticipated to my salespeople earlier this year, trying to instill them a little bit. of optimism. The lockdown makes us look at our home with different eyes, makes us want to live in more ugly environments; pleasing or even having ; available space.

As soon as you is perceived a slight return to normality, this summer, the orders have increased dramatically, especially in the most valuable products. This is becauseé people today want to pamper themselves more 26-ugrave ;, enjoy beautiful things and quality, even and above all within the home.




Not c is only l Italy, forò ;, in the future of Bertolotto: in 2021 l Torre San Giorgio company debutterà in France with its high-end products. In recent months, negotiations have been started to set up a sales network across the Alps which intends to replicate the success achieved in our country through a widespread positioning of the brand.

È It was then announced a few days ago the supply agreement for the skyscraper that Aston Martin is building  in Miami. Bodas Miami Architects Anger Arquietos & Asociados and Revuleta Architecture International have selected Bertolotto doors to complete this spectacular building. Explain l AD: Sarà a 60-storey building: we will build 6500 doors. A project with an attractive design, which integrates perfectly with the location of the Miami Waterfront. A request d exception for what will beà the temple of the American team, also proudly signed by Bertolotto.


Meanwhile, the doors of the company have contributed to the restoration of the central hotel in Lamezia Terme. The group also brought its fixtures to Miami Beach in the Faena House, a building of 47 spectacular ocean-facing residences and designed by Foster& Partner architects. In Montreal they requested Bertolotto doors for the 26- # 39; Acquablu" ;, a suggestive building surrounded by nature on the RIviere des Praires of the 26-agrave city; Canadian.


The CEO of the company explains: Let's go to close a circle, for us a decisive step: considering that hardware and accessories are made by plants controlled by us in the Brescia area and a part of the profiles is produced by another partner in Pordenone, starting from the next few years the entire production process of Le Originali Bertolotto ® sarà completely internal to the circuit.

And the key element of the product, the door, will be 26-agrave; made entirely in Torre San Giorgio. If the market will be there; favorable, within three years we will be able to employ 30/40 people, in addition to the 180 già to our employees in the production site of Torre San Giorgio and to the approximately 350 involved in the network of satellite companies and related industries.

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