Design Autentico

We are aware that the beauty and elegance of our products attract the interest of some producers who try to imitate their design and quality. For years, we have been fighting strenuously to protect our brand and our products from imitations, investing significant resources in the certification of our products and in strengthening our anti-counterfeiting measures. In addition to protecting our reputation and your experience as a customer, we are also committed to preserving the uniqueness and integrity of our products, which are the result of years of research and development.

Our absolute priority is to ensure that every experience with Bertolotto products is 100% authentic. Every piece bearing the Bertolotto brand represents our dedication to quality, design, and Italian craftsmanship Made in Italy.

How do you recognize the authenticity of Bertolotto doors?

1. Seal of Authenticity

Carefully observe the detail of your Bertolotto door panel! You will find our exclusive Seal of Authenticity, the distinctive mark that confirms the origin and incomparable quality of our doors. It is your guarantee of elegance and authentic craftsmanship.

2. Single Encryption Key

Swing doors with locks are provided with a single key code, recognizable by Bertolotto's authenticity seal.

2. Bertolotto packaging:

Your experience with Bertolotto begins from the delivery! Each original door is carefully packaged in a branded Bertolotto packaging, ensuring optimal protection during transport and showcasing our commitment to your satisfaction from the first glance.

We are proud to offer doors that are not just a furnishing element, but a symbol of authenticity and uncompromising quality. Don't settle for imitations! Choose Bertolotto to experience authentic elegance in every detail.

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