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Product of the Year

Elected Product of the 26-rsquo; Year è the all’ Innovation Award based solely on the vote of consumers. The products are elected by 12,000 consumers ; innovation and satisfaction are the fundamental criteria for the election of each product / service and for 30 years più of 3.5 billion consumers in over 40 countries around the world trust products with the Logo Elected Product of the 26-rsquo; Year.

Thanks to its uniqueness, the SURFACE METALLI collection is è awarded this important recognition. The voters appreciated the particularityà of the 10 finishes in the collection whose main feature &is; l’ exclusivityà of each element that è similar, but never equal to itself: the Filomuro Systems , with essential and minimal lines, become gritty thanks to these tactile and visual effects that refer to Iron , Copper , Bronze , Brass and Tin .

The latest trends in modern architecture enter our homes with brightness; of metals. Be it a noble touch or a più rough, the surfaces are transformed into unmistakable pieces; thanks also to the consistent presence of real metal parts and craftsmanship, l’ final effect è extremely realistic: the material becomes design .


Archiproducts è one of the più large networks for l’ architecture and design . Dedicated to brands and designers who, together,   they bet on ideas and projects and constantly experiment and research to improve the way of living and inhabiting a space, for four years the Archiproducts Design Awards have been rewarding collaborations and innovation.

Bertolotto Porte è proud to have taken part in the competition with SURFACE METALLI products; thanks to this collection l’ company è was selected for the Longlist of the final phase.



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