Lacquering and water-based painting of the doors


With all water painting we respect the environment and you, our certifications say so.


The painting of Bertolotto products is moving towards a water-based painting solution that guarantees a low environmental impact as it is free of toxicity, in full compliance with European regulations.

This varnishing technique amplifies the vein texture of the wood and guarantees the original finish and brilliance of the wood over time.

The choice of internal doors for one's home is not only about aesthetics and functionality, but also about environmental impact. Bertolotto, one of the leaders in the quality internal door sector, has adopted an innovative solution for the painting of its doors: water-based paint. This technique not only offers a low environmental impact, but also preserves the natural beauty and brightness of the wood over time. Let's discover the advantages and characteristics of this eco-friendly solution.

A positive ecological footprint.

Bertolotto's water-based painting represents an important step towards environmental sustainability. This technique is free from toxic substances and complies with strict European regulations on safety and environmental protection. Choosing Bertolotto interior doors means actively contributing to reducing environmental impact without compromising quality and aesthetics.

Enhancement of the natural beauty of wood.

Bertolotto's water-based painting technique offers a visually striking aesthetic result. This technique enhances the wood's veining texture, allowing the natural beauty of the materials to emerge in all its magnificence. Bertolotto's water-based painted interior doors stand out for their intrinsic elegance and unique appearance, which perfectly complements any style of furnishing.

Durability over time.

In addition to its beauty, the water-based painting of Bertolotto interior doors offers superior durability over time. Thanks to its innovative formulation, this painting technique protects wood from weathering, wear, and chemical agents, preserving its finish and shine over the years. This means that water-based painted Bertolotto interior doors will maintain their original splendor, providing a lasting and elegant solution for your home environment.

Conscious choice for a sustainable future.

The choice of water-based painted internal doors by Bertolotto not only adds a touch of style to your home but also demonstrates a concrete commitment to environmental protection. With this eco-friendly solution, you can enjoy the beauty and quality of Bertolotto internal doors, knowing that you have made a conscious choice for a sustainable future.

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