Porta è Amore

April 15-28

Milano Design Week - FuoriSalone24 - INTERNI CROSS VISION Courtyard of Honor University of Milan. "Door is Love" Project for Bertolotto S.p.a. Produced by Ever in Art Artist Marco Nereo Rotelli


Bertolotto S.p.A. presents "Door is Love", a creative project that "opens the doors" to a better world, where love conquers war. "Door is Love" is an artistic installation by Marco Nereo Rotelli commissioned by Claudio Bertolotto, CEO of Bertolotto S.p.A. The work consists of a large Golden Portal, set up in the Courtyard of Honor of the University of Milan, made up of a limited series of doors inscribed with poetic verses on the concept of love, blending with a tank painted in blue. "The installation aims to be a paradox, a provocation, where art and design come together to convey a message of peace," emphasizes Celia Stefania Centonze, partner of Ever in Art, the company that produced the concept. "At the threshold, a real and metaphorical space, a metamorphosis takes place: the portal becomes a passage, a gateway to a better world, where love conquers war, triumphs over everything." The collaboration between Bertolotto, Ever in Art, and the artist Marco Nereo Rotelli, celebrated with the installation "Door is Love" at Milan Design Week 2024, will soon give rise to a special edition of designer doors: an exclusive collection of 14 doors that will feature Marco Nereo Rotelli's unmistakable artistic style, with poetic verses and messages of peace on different finishes, in a new range of colors. Each door in the "Door is Love" edition will be a unique work, with exclusive details, created by the artist to enhance environments like only a true work of art can.


Marco Nereo Rotelli is an internationally renowned artist born in Venice, where he graduated in architecture before training at the Academy of Fine Arts under the guidance of Emilio Vedova. In the mid-80s he moved to Milan, beginning a research on light and poetic dimension that led him to exhibit in the capitals of the world. His work has always aimed at a total work, with immersive performances, where his luminous installations involve craftsmen, philosophers, musicians and poets. His works, present in international museums and private collections, have increasingly taken on an ethical dimension aimed at reflecting on environmental and social themes. Some of the most important art critics have written about him.

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