The evolution of the Bertolotto Porte brand


Over the years, is natural that  the logo of a brand undergoes a’ evolution. The explanations for this change are of a technical, strategic and cultural nature. Today, new brands often have very simple characters, easy to reproduce and above all to read on smartphones.  È the latter in fact the half ; used in absolute terms, through which we inform ourselves, browse, communicate.  Consequently is it is obvious to agree on this stylistic choice. Impact and clarity are now the primary key words required by all brands for the construction of their logos. This is partly becauseé we realize that the users are more and more 26-ugrave; bombarded with visual elements of all kinds and partly becauseé a simple and legible trademark also evokes services that are easy to use, direct and clear.

Today, to fix the concept, is the brand,   that is the name and the values it evokes.



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