Green Pea Turin

Designer: ACC Architects - Cristiana Catino and Blue Shop Arch. Associati - Carlo Grometto

Type of building: Retail Park

Year of construction: 2020

Bertolotto Porte product: 90 CL RAL Hand Lacquered Doors with Sky overlay


Green Pea is the first Retail Park to the world dedicated to the theme of Respect, the place where sustainable products are not a duty but a pleasure" ;.

The large building of 15,000 m 2 distributed over 5 floors, has a structure with the characteristics of a natural organism and reflects the Green Pea Manifesto itself: a place of beauty and Respect where the shopping experience becomes part of the change, including energy.

The building is it was in fact conceived as an innovative and resilient sustainable element with high energy efficiency. To ensure the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, geothermal wells, photovoltaic and solar panels, elements for capturing wind energy and for the recovery of kinetic energy have been designed.

For the division of the interior spaces, the designers chose Bertolotto Porte as their supplier: 90 interior doors from the Laccate a Mano collection were installed.

Green Pea is located in Turin, next to Eataly del Lingotto.


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