Yoo Montreal-Philip Starck

Yoo Montreal

Designer: Philippe Starck

Type of building: Residential complex

Year of construction: 2016

Bertolotto Porte product:   Filomuro systems

In Montreal and ; precisely in the heart of the Griffintown District, an emerging district synonymous with design and creativity, Bertolotto is protagonist with its YOO Montreal products.
The YOO Montreal represents the Canadian experience; large YOO project, a project born in 2000 from the mind of the French designer Philippe Starck and which aims to create projects all over the world that combine luxury and design all’ yet another power. From 2000 to today YOO has carried out together with the main international developers projects in the residential and 26-rsquo; hospitalityà   in Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, North and South America and the Middle East.
Bertolotto is was selected to supply about 300 Filomuro Massima doors for the over 80 unità buildings that form the 20 floors of YOO Montreal.


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