Fireproof door BIEVO 60 CL

The certified EI fire door Bievo 30 represents the basic level in the range of hotel doors. With its functional simplicity, this door encompasses all the essential qualitative characteristics of fire doors, while also offering ample customization possibilities through coverings available in a wide range of finishes and models.

Key features of the Bievo Door

  • Functional Simplicity: The Bievo door is designed with a careful focus on functionality, ensuring a solid foundation of security and performance.
  • Fire Rating Certification: Despite its entry-level status, the Bievo door maintains the essential quality of being fire-rated certified, ensuring the necessary safety in hotel environments.
  • Extensive Customization: True beauty lies in options. The Bievo door allows for extensive customization through coatings, available in many finishes and models. Every detail can be tailored to reflect the unique aesthetics of your project.
  • Soundproof Door: Bievo also offers excellent sound protection, isolating the environment and ensuring superior tranquility with a noise reduction of 30 dB.


With the Bievo fire-rated door, we offer an accessible entry to Bertolotto quality without compromising on safety and the possibility of customization. It is the ideal choice for projects that require a combination of reliable performance and a distinctive touch of style.

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