BIEVO 30 - DogaHori ALL8

BIEVO30 DogaHori All8

BIEVO 30 fire door, DogaHori All8 model, with horizontal aluminium inserts, available in different open-pore lacquered colours and wood finishes, perfect for modern and trendy hotels. The smooth door leaves are decorated with linear aluminium inserts which create a special and modern design.

A flawless style and a very pleasant look are the characteristics of this EI60-certified fire door (min. 60 min. resistance to fire), with 30 dB noise reduction capacity. These doors are reliable, safe and guaranteed. The Materik model, with wood-effect synthetic finish, comes in 5 different colours on scratch-resistant surface and five lacquered colours. BIEVO 60 fire doors are perfect for the hotels where the price of products is as important as their quality and technical performance. These products were realised in order to meet the most stringent international standards of this sector.

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