Filomuro Media ALL1 Bleached Oak

The Medium Flush Door is a coplanar door with an extruded and oxidized aluminum frame, which can be treated with wall paints and is designed for anchoring to both traditional masonry and plasterboard.

The Filomuro Media door has a thickness of 58 mm and is made up of a perimeter frame in solid wood with IPER 4 BOARD perimeter stops in ABS. The honeycomb type internal structure in hot pressed 100 recycled kraft paper with wood fiber sheets in MDF IDRO , CARB and FSC ® . The door can be lacquered, engraved, in wood or supplied with paintable primer to be finished with the surrounding walls and with a predisposition to any type of paint or coating.

Filomuro Media is supplied with magnetic lock in satin chrome finish and special concealed hinges adjustable on three axes. Also available in the TUTTALTEZZA version without upper crosspieces, for heights above 2400 mm 2 adjustable anti-sagging tie rods are inserted.

The ALL versions feature refined coplanar aluminum inlays, simple, linear geometries that define backgrounds in essence with harmonious shades.


  • IPER 4 BOARD perimeter stops in ABS o, 8mm
  • Paintable primer
  • Internal structure in recycled 100 honeycomb
  • FULL HEIGHT version available up to 3000 mm
  • Adjustable anti-sagging tie-rods as standard for heights over 2400 mm

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