Interior Door Flilomuro Minima Plus Incisa BP 1036

Bertolotto Porte’s collection of Filomuro Flush-fitting doors comprises various models, types and opening mechanisms: hinged, sliding inside the wall, Doublé and Two-way and with Crystal Glass and Crystal Bi leaves.

The Filomuro Mimima Flush-fitting Door fits flush with the extruded and oxidised aluminium frame, which can be coated with wall paints and is designed for anchoring on both traditional brickwork and on plasterboard.

The 44mm thick Filomuro Minima Plus flush-fitting leaf consists of a perimeter frame in solid wood with IPER 4 BOARD ABS perimeter striker seals on all four sides.

The Filomuro Minima Plus Flush-fitting Door was designed to adapt to the majority of flush-fitting door pockets from several brands.


  • IPER 4 BOARD perimeter stops in ABS o, 8mm
  • Paintable primer
  • Internal structure in recycled 100% honeycomb
  • Also available in full height version
  • FULL HEIGHT version available up to 3000 mm 
  • Standard adjustable anti-sagging tie-rods for heights over 2450 mm



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