Porta Filo Muro Minima Primer Verniciabile (Leave as is)

The range of Bertolotto flush-to-wall doors offers a wide selection of models, types, and flush-to-wall opening solutions to meet all needs. Among these options, the Minima Flush-to-Wall Door stands out, characterized by impeccable design and unique versatility. The Minima flush-to-wall door is an excellent flush solution equipped with a resistant extruded aluminum frame, treated to be customized with wall paints or even wallpaper to create a unique and personalized environment. Minima flush-to-wall doors are designed for easy installation on both traditional walls and plasterboard walls. Its flush door leaf, with a thickness of 44 mm, consists of a solid wooden perimeter frame, complete with IPER 4 BOARD ABS perimeter stops, ensuring strength and durability over time. The Minima flush-to-wall door offers a variety of opening options including hinged, internal sliding, Doublé, and Bidirectional, and can be customized with Crystal glass leaves or double glass Crystal Bi leaves. Important details include IPER 4 BOARD ABS perimeter stops with a thickness of 0.8 mm, a paintable primer base, a 100% recycled material hollow internal structure, and the possibility to choose a version with a full-height leaf, with heights up to 3000 mm. In addition, adjustable anti-warping braces are included as standard for heights over 2450 mm, ensuring maximum safety and stability. The Minima flush-to-wall door from the Bertolotto Porte Sitemi Filomuro collection represents the ideal choice for those seeking elegance and functionality in a single solution. Details: - IPER 4 BOARD ABS perimeter stops with a thickness of 0.8 mm - Paintable primer - 100% recycled hollow internal structure - Available in FULL HEIGHT version up to 3000 mm - Adjustable anti-warping braces as standard for heights over 2450 mm

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