How to clean laminate doors

How to Clean and Maintain Internal Laminate Doors

The internal laminated doors, besides being an elegant solution for your home, require specific care to keep them in perfect condition. With this guide, you will discover practical tips and effective methods to clean and preserve the beauty of your internal doors, ensuring long-lasting durability and continuous visual freshness.

Before starting: Remove the Surface Dust.

Before applying any cleaning solution, it is advisable to remove surface dust with a soft cloth or a gentle bristle brush. This simple step prevents unwanted scratches during the cleaning process.

Gentle Detergent Solutions

Choose gentle and non-abrasive detergents to clean your laminate doors. A mixture of warm water and neutral detergent can be effective in removing light dirt. Avoid aggressive chemicals that could damage the laminate surface. To achieve perfect results, our experts have developed a specific product to clean internal laminate doors. You can purchase it directly at

Application with Delicacy Apply the cleaning solution with a soft cloth or sponge, taking care not to exert excessive pressure. Gently clean in circular motions, focusing on any stains. Proper Drying After cleaning, make sure the doors are completely dry. Leaving water residues on the surface could damage the laminate over time. Use a dry cloth to absorb any water residues. Regular Maintenance To keep internal laminate doors in optimal condition, perform regular cleaning, at least once a week. This preventive practice will help preserve the beauty and integrity of the laminate over time.

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