Bidirectional Door Vela Crystal Anthracite Extra-clear

The Design Systems in glass and aluminum  by Bertolotto Porte, are the ideal solution to complete the furnishing project. Doors and walls in glass and aluminum to divide and join environments together, in search of maximum flexibility; of a current and contemporary way of life. The hinged doors of the Collection of glass and aluminum doors  are the result of the design and construction experience of the Bertolotto Porte group. Thanks to this synergy of expertise, is it was possible to bring together in a single collection the values and ideas of contemporary design to which is been given a “ robe” technology of great expressive charm.

The doors with bi-directional pivot opening are another interesting alternative for the creation of passages in continuityà of light. The pivot doors are proposed to measure in width for the closure of any compartment.



  • Door with aluminum structure and infill panels with tempered or laminated safety glass
  • Push / pull opening
  • Optional handle
  • Available in various types of opening
  • High possibilityà customization


Bidirectional Glass Doors: Innovation in Access and Design

Bi-directional glass doors represent an innovative solution for access and design in modern spaces. These doors, with their ability to open both inward and outward, offer unprecedented flexibility to separate and connect environments in a smooth and elegant way.

  • Functional Versatility Bi-directional glass doors are designed to adapt to a wide range of contexts. They are ideal for creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, such as terraces, gardens, or courtyards. Additionally, they are a popular choice for residential and commercial interiors, where the ability to open and close the doors in both directions adds versatility and practicality.
  • Modern Design and Transparent Aesthetics From an aesthetic standpoint, bi-directional glass doors are an elegant option. The transparency of the glass allows natural light to flow freely through spaces, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere. These doors also add a touch of modernity and sophistication to interior and exterior designs.
  • Advanced Technology Bi-directional glass doors are made with high-quality materials and employ advanced technologies to ensure smooth and reliable operation. Opening options can range from a simple button press to fully automated and smart home systems.
  • The Choice for a Contemporary Lifestyle For those seeking to embrace a contemporary lifestyle, bi-directional glass doors offer the perfect combination of functionality and design. Their ability to adapt to a variety of environments and transparent visual effect make them a popular choice for those looking to create modern, bright, and elegant spaces.

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