Hinged door Light Crystal BI White

Bertolotto Porte Design Systems in glass and aluminum are the ideal solution to complete the furnishing project. Doors and walls in glass and aluminum to divide and unite the environments in search of the maximum flexibility of a current and contemporary way of life. The hinged doors of the Collection of glass and aluminum doors are the result of the design and construction experience of the Bertolotto Porte group. Thanks to this synergy of expertise, it has been possible to bring together in a single collection the values ​​and ideas of contemporary design which have been given a technological dress of great expressive charm. Sistemi di Design doors are made to measure even in exaggerated heights, to satisfy every interior decoration need. 

The elegant Bronze finish enhances the beauty and shine of the metal combined with the refined crystals in the fashion finishes. Chromatic nuances of sure effect are proposed such as the Bronze associated with the Stop-sol crystal.


  • Door with aluminum structure and infill panels with tempered or laminated safety glass

  • Telescopic aluminum frame with minimal cover to be installed without a subframe

  • Handle of your choice among the Dekor models

  • Available in various types of opening

  • High possibility of customization



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