AVA door handle

The AVA handle is specifically designed to work in perfect harmony with the magnetic flow lock system and is the result of careful design and engineering study, intended to make door opening a smooth and highly functional experience. Thanks to the use of magnetorheological fluids, these handles allow for precise and comfortable door movement management, delivering an effortless and unmatched fluidity in the opening experience.

One key aspect that sets the AVA handle apart is its availability in the Free/Occupied version.



From the timeless refinement of the chrome-satin finish, to the modernity of the bronze or matte black finish, to the sophisticated elegance of the matte white finish, you will have the opportunity to choose the one that best suits your taste and the furniture of your space.

The quality of the materials used in the production of the AVA handle ensures impeccable resistance and durability over time, making it a long-lasting and reliable choice for any environment. Whether you are looking for solutions for your home or for a commercial space, these handles will offer you a door-opening experience that will exceed your expectations.

Magnetic Flow Lock

The magnetic flux lock is a type of lock that uses the principle of electromagnetism to control the opening and closing of a door.

The operation of a magnetic flux lock is fairly simple but highly effective. The lock consists mainly of two parts: an electromagnetic control unit and a metal plate mounted on the door frame or frame.

Here’s how it works:

  • The electromagnetic control unit: This part is usually mounted inside the door structure or frame. It consists of an electromagnet, a coil, and a control circuit. The electromagnet is made up of a winding of metal wire around a soft iron core. When electric current flows through the coil winding, a magnetic field is generated around the iron core.

  • The metal plate: This part is mounted on the corresponding part of the door or frame and is generally made of steel or ferrous metal. The plate is positioned so that, when the door is closed, the iron core of the electromagnet and the plate are in direct contact with each other.

  • The opening and closing process: when the lock is activated and electric current flows through the electromagnet coil, a powerful magnetic field is generated around the iron core. This magnetic field attracts the metal plate, causing it to be drawn towards the electromagnet with a force strong enough to securely hold the door closed.

  • Unlocking the lock: To unlock the lock, the electric current flowing through the electromagnet coil is interrupted. This causes the magnetic field to be disrupted, and the metal plate is released, allowing the user to manually open the door.


An important feature of magnetic flux locks is that, when activated, they securely and stably hold the door closed without the need for a lever or key to lock them. This makes them a popular choice for many applications that require fast and secure automatic opening and closing. Additionally, since there are no moving or consuming mechanical parts, magnetic flux locks tend to be more durable and require less maintenance than traditional locks.

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