Full-height sliding door with REFLEX mirror

The Reflex internal doors can be customized and personalized in different colors and models. They combine aesthetics and functionality, decorating the house in an original and elegant way.

The leaf is lacquered with 3 coats of 10 gloss lacquer and features a diamond ground mirror set flush with the leaf. The lacquering of Bertolotto internal doors is done with water-based varnishes to ensure a lower environmental impact in full compliance with European regulations. This technique guarantees the original finish and brilliance for a long time.

The leaves are edged on all 4 sides with 10/10 mm ABS IPER 4BOARD, which ensures a better rounded edge finish and protection against rising moisture. The big structure of the leaves is made of reinforced fir slats, 50 mm wide for greater panel stability over time, avoiding any possible warping.

The slats come from selected, certified Made in Italy woods, of Finger Joint type.


We unveil Elegance: The Sliding Mirror Door to Illuminate Spaces.

  • Elegance and Brightness One of the distinctive features of sliding doors with a mirror is their ability to reflect the natural light present in a room. This not only makes the environment brighter but also creates a feeling of spaciousness, ideal for smaller homes or rooms with limited natural lighting.
  • A Decorating Trick Sliding doors with mirrors are a versatile furnishing element. When strategically positioned, they can be used to add a touch of elegance to a room, reflecting the surrounding design details. Furthermore, they can be used as full-length mirrors to complete the look before going out.
  • Practical and Functional Solutions Mirrored sliding doors are particularly suitable for areas such as the wardrobe or bathroom. They are highly functional, allowing easy and convenient access, while their mirror can be used in various daily situations.
  • Personalization at Home Every space is unique, and choosing a mirrored sliding door offers ample opportunities for customization. Choose from frames and details that integrate perfectly with the style of your home, from contemporary minimalism to classic tradition.
  • The Perfect Combination A sliding door with a mirror can be paired with other furnishings to create a cohesive and harmonious environment. Pair it with furniture, curtains, and accessories that enhance its presence, creating a synergy of style and functionality.

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