Glass Door 3001

The Alaska interior glass doors customise and brighten up their surroundings, dividing them with light transparency. The collection stands out for its bold personality: the leaf is a pane of tempered safety glass with a thickness of 8 millimetres, granting continuity of light between adjoining rooms to create greater visual depth.

The transparent, satin finish, the engraved sandblasted designs, the coloured molten glass decorations make each door unique and tailor-made. 




  • 8mm thick tempered safety glass;
  • Extensive customisation possibilities;
  • Superior safety parameters;
  • Available with various opening mechanisms;
  • 180° opening pivot hinges in satin finish silver or soft black finish;
  • Available with key lock, WC lock or Yale cylinder;
  • Teamed with IDRO MDF skirting board;



  1. Privacy and Balanced Luminosity: Satin glass offers a perfect balance between privacy and luminosity. This type of glass evenly diffuses light throughout the space, preventing prying eyes from the outside. It allows you to enjoy diffused natural light without sacrificing privacy in your interior spaces.

  2. Tactile Elegance: Satin glass has a matte and silky finish that adds a touch of tactile elegance to the environment. Its smooth surface provides a sense of refinement and class, making the door not only aesthetically pleasing but also pleasant to touch.

  3. Versatile Style: A double-door with satin glass perfectly adapts to a variety of interior design styles. The satin finish is discreet and sophisticated, making it suitable for both modern and traditional spaces. This versatility allows for harmonious integration into different interior design aesthetics.

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