Madeira Nero Greco

In interior design, ceramic coverings represent a versatile and multifaceted element. Thanks to the use of cutting-edge machinery and the incomparable Italian creativity, the large slabs made by Laminam offer surprising graphic effects and great visual impact.

Bertolotto interior doors offer you the highest quality without compromising the environment: the lacquering is indeed done with water-based paints that comply with European regulations and guarantee a long-lasting and brilliant finish over time.

The edges on all 4 sides with IPER 4BOARD in 10/10 mm ABS represent a high-quality solution to protect the doors from moisture and to obtain a precise rounded edge finish. Thanks to the big structure of the doors, made with enlarged spruce strips with a width of 50 mm, the panel remains stable over time, with no risk of deformation or warping.



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