Design Door Acqua

The design of Natura takes its cue from flowers, trees, leaves and natural elements. The decorations embellish a modern and elegant door, where every detail is carefully hand-finished.

The leaf is in hollow-core to make it lighter and more stable and durable. To ensure superior levels of acoustic comfort, the door leaf is fitted with a sound-absorbing filling panel made of wood fibre with a particular shape and composition.





IDRO, CARB and FSC® certified TKT frame

IPER 4 BOARD leaf edges on all 4 sides

Hollow-core leaves with ECO honeycomb made from 100% recycled paper

ACU PLUS noise-damping seals as standard

Concealed hinges and magnetic lock as standard

Also available with NO-GERMS anti-bacterial treatment

Extensive customisation possibilities

Available with various opening mechanisms

Also available as cladding for armoured doors

Also available on EI fire doors

Certified Acoustic Door available

Adjustable anti-warping tie rods as standard for heights over 2400 mm

Teamed with IDRO MDF skirting board

Mechanical components installed with the use of TORX screws




The folding door is an innovative solution that combines elegance and practicality in a single design. This type of door stands out for its ability to fold onto itself when opened, significantly reducing the space required for opening and closing. One of the most appreciated features of the accordion door is its ability to maximize space utilization. While traditional swing doors require a clear opening zone, the folding door fits perfectly even in environments with limited space. This versatility makes it ideal for small rooms or spaces where optimizing every available centimeter is important. Furthermore, the folding door is available in a wide range of materials and finishes, allowing for complete customization to fit the style and aesthetics of your space. Whether you prefer the warmth of wood, the elegance of glass, or the sturdiness of metal, there is a folding door that will meet your preferences.

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