Millerighe | Bertolotto Porte

MILLERIGHE , a dense weave of lines in relief develops vertically for the whole height of the door, the result is an optical effect that gives movement and depth; to the surface,   emphasizing the vertical development of the door.

L’ glass door allows you to divide and define spaces without sacrificing continuity; of light between the rooms. Coordinating with the other doors of the Collection, it enriches and enhances each interior project by creating greater depth; visual. Millerighe Glass is proposed in two variants, Positive (P) and Negative (N) depending on the portion of glass that is frosted.

Millerighe is also available in Alaska glass: l door  is a safety tempered glass plate with a thickness of 8 millimeters and allows continuity; of light between the adjoining rooms creating a greater depth; visual.





  • 8mm safety tempered glass
  • High possibilityà customization
  • High safety parameters
  • Available in various types of opening
  • Available with key, free / busy or Yale cylinder
  • Matching with IDRO MDF skirting board






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