Maina Panettoni - Fossano

Maina Confectionery - Fossano

Designer: Arch. Gianni Arnaudo
Type of Building: Production facility and office building
Year of Construction: 2015
Bertolotto Porte Producs: Bikoncept Simple

The project by architect Gianni Arnaudo aimed at renovating and enhancing the production facility of the well-known confectionery company in Cuneo.
Amongst the main interventions, the setting up of a new laboratory for chemical, physical and sensory examinations on raw materials and finished products, the construction of the new administration offices and the new shop.
The most evident characteristic is the huge red ribbon that comes from the outside into the building and around the sculptural aerial staircase, to create a light sensation of movement.
The items selected for this project are minimalist glass and aluminium doors, which meet the need for a modern and light design.

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