Scratch-resistant doors

The installation of scratch-resistant doors can lead to significant benefits in terms of durability and security, but when is it exactly appropriate to opt for these resistant doors? In this article, we will explore some common situations in which the installation of scratch-resistant doors is highly recommended.



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1. High Traffic Areas The doors in high traffic areas such as hallways, main entrances, and dining rooms tend to undergo considerable daily stress. Scratches and accidental bumps can occur more easily in these spaces. Installing scratch-resistant doors in these areas can help maintain a fresher and newer appearance of the home over time.


2. Children's Rooms Children's rooms are often the site of active play and creative activities. Children may scratch, bump, or dirty the doors during play. Scratch-resistant doors, in this case, can better withstand the inevitable damage caused by little ones while still ensuring an elegant appearance.

  • 3. Homes with Pets If you have pets, you know how lively and playful they can be. Pets' paws can scratch the doors when trying to enter or exit rooms. Scratch-resistant doors offer additional defense against such damages, keeping your doors in excellent condition.


  • 4. Home Office With more and more people working from home, home offices have become an essential part of modern homes. Installing scratch-resistant interior doors in these areas not only protects them from frequent chair or object bumps but also helps create a professional work environment.


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  • 5. Rental Properties or Properties with Tenants If you own a rental property or have tenants, anti-graffiti doors can be a wise choice. Tenants may not always treat the property with the same care as an owner, and anti-graffiti doors can help maintain the structural integrity and appearance of the house in the long run.


  • 6. Commercial Spaces or Offices Anti-graffiti doors are not just for residential use. In commercial spaces, such as restaurants, retail stores, or offices, these doors can withstand constant wear and tear and maintain the professional and welcoming appearance of the environment.

The scratch-resistant doors are a versatile and durable choice for many different situations. Whether you are looking to protect your doors from bumps and scratches or simply want a sleek and modern look, these doors can meet your needs. Consider your specific requirements and the context in which you want to install the scratch-resistant doors to make an informed decision that will result in a safer and more attractive environment.

Among the scratch-resistant doors, Bertolotto recommends you to consider the collection of internal doors Wood Effect: besides having the scratch-resistant finish as standard, they also have an antibacterial treatment.


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