Flush mount Florence Pantographed Iron Armored Door

The Florence armored door is not just a security feature for your environment, but it represents an authentic expression of style and sophistication. Main Features:

  1. 90-degree jamb: With its innovative design, the Florence jamb harmoniously blends with the casing, creating a seamless aesthetic.

  2. Integration with the wall: The Florence door offers a smooth and cohesive look, integrating perfectly with the wall in which it is installed.

  3. Concealed hinge system: The concealed hinges not only contribute to the door's elegance, but also ensure flawless operation.

  4. Flush wall jamb: The flush wall jamb adds a touch of modernity and security to the overall design of the Florence door.

Choose the Florence armored door to combine Italian craftsmanship tradition with technological innovation, ensuring a safe, elegant, and functional environment.

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