How to Take Measurements for Interior Doors

The installation of interior doors is a process that requires attention to detail, and one of the most critical aspects is correctly measuring the wall hole. In this comprehensive guide, we will focus on how to obtain precise measurements to ensure a proper installation of interior doors.

Discover the key steps and practical tips to ensure that your doors fit perfectly in your spaces.

When it comes to installing internal doors, success starts with taking measurements of the wall opening. This process is crucial to ensure that the doors fit accurately and harmoniously within your environment. Carefully follow the steps below to obtain accurate measurements and achieve a hassle-free installation result. Before you begin, make sure you have the right tools at hand. A good-quality tape measure, a level, and a pen will be essential for this process. Thoroughly prepare the tools and the area where the doors will be installed, as it is the first step towards accurate measurement. The first element to consider is the width of the wall opening. Using the tape measure, accurately measure the width of the opening, starting from the inside of the left side of the frame to the inside of the right side. Record this measurement carefully. Continue by measuring the height of the wall opening. From above the threshold to the highest point of the opening, make sure to obtain an accurate measurement. Also record this measurement, noting any variations in case the floor is not perfectly level. Also consider the thickness of the wall opening where the internal door frame will be installed. Measure the distance from the outermost part to the innermost part of the wall to ensure that the door frame fits correctly without any obstacles. Remember that Bertolotto internal doors are also available in custom sizes. If your needs require non-standard dimensions, request consultation and measurement survey at a Bertolotto Point of Sale.

Taking accurate measurements is the foundation of a successful installation for internal doors. By following this guide, you will be able to confidently tackle the process and achieve good results. Despite this comprehensive guide to taking measurements for internal doors offering a detailed overview, always remember that for optimal results, it is advisable to rely on professionals from Bertolotto Porte Stores.

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