TKT frame

The chassis TKT L9 / P85 is a modern solution of frame and overlap casing coplanar on the pull side that highlights the modernity; of the door making the frame invisible in its entirety.

Both in the push and pull version, the architraves are perfectly aligned.

The casing , also commonly called the frame, is equipped with a mechanical joint that allows a quick CLAP installation . On the push side, thanks to the insertion of the L9 casing on the frame close to the internal light, it is almost coplanarità of the system.

The frames and architraves are made of MDF, certified IDRO, CARB, FSC ® and guarantee a surface of high flatnessà for lacquering. The edges and the edges have minimal radii of 1 mm that emphasize modernity; of the product. The hardware of the frame TKT is consisting of 3 concealed hinges adjustable on three axes in satin chrome finish . The magnetic lock with anti-wear and anti-noise telephone latch is equipped with an adjustable counterplate by inversion.

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