Wooden door in Oak CL Natural Oil full height

The Bertolotto Hori Oak Natural Oil Dog-Hole Wooden Door is an excellent choice for those seeking a perfect combination of elegance, sturdiness, and modern design. Made with high-quality materials and finished with artisan care, this door is the ideal element to enrich any environment with a touch of class and natural warmth. This door model is also available in custom sizes, a solution that perfectly adapts even to varying ceiling heights and allows for greater natural light diffusion. The Olive Oil Oak finish enhances the wood's grain and ensures durability over time, giving it a linear and modern appearance while maintaining the wood's natural look. - Sliding Pocket Door with Free/Occupied Lock: Elegant and functional, this sliding door seamlessly integrates into the wall, offering a smooth and quiet opening. The free/occupied lock makes it ideal for environments that require privacy, such as bathrooms or offices. Advantages: Space-saving, aesthetically pleasing, and equipped with a practical and intuitive locking system. - Exterior Wall Sliding Door Plana: Description: With the same refined natural oil oak finish, this exterior wall sliding door adds a modern and sophisticated touch to any room. The external sliding system allows for easy and versatile installation, ideal for separating spaces without invasive wall interventions. Advantages: Easy installation, versatility in use, and an attractive design that enhances every space.


  • Teliao MINI TALL
  • Hyper 4 BOARD edges on all 4 sides
  • Doors in 100% recycled paper kraft ECO
  • ACU PLUS acoustic seals as standard
  • Also available with NO-GERMS antibacterial treatment
  • High level of customization options
  • Available in various types of opening
  • Also available as covering for security doors
  • Also available on fire-rated EI doors
  • Available Certified Soundproof Door
  • Standard adjustable anti-warping rods for heights over 2400 mm
  • Matched with MDF IDRO skirting boards
  • Mechanical components installed using TORX screws
  • Also available made to measure and as Boiserie cladding


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