BISTAR 30 PantoQUAadra LP14 fire door

The Bistar fire-rated door by Bertolotto represents the quintessence of safety and versatility, offering a wide range of finishes and models to satisfy diverse needs. Its distinctive feature is the use of high-quality Anuba hinges, ensuring long-term reliability and impeccable functionality. The Bistar goes beyond expectations, also offering an FE version with a durable aluminum frame, providing strength and durability to the door. The Bistar fire-rated door is available in certified EI 30 and EI 60 versions, guaranteeing the highest level of safety in case of fire. This feature makes it the ideal choice for environments that require advanced fire protection, offering peace of mind and security. In addition to the fire-rated certifications, the Bistar door also offers a customized acoustic solution. With sound insulation available in 35dB, 44dB, or 46dB, the Bistar adapts to the specific needs of every environment, providing a quiet and comfortable space.

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