BISTAR 60 CL fire door

The Bistar fire-rated door by Bertolotto embodies excellence in terms of security and versatility, offering a wide variety of finishes and models to meet diverse needs. A distinctive feature is represented by the high-quality Anuba hinges, ensuring reliability and functionality over time. To exceed expectations, Bistar also offers an FE version with a robust aluminum frame, providing additional strength and durability to the door. With fire-rated certifications EI 30 and EI 60, the Bistar door emerges as the ideal choice for environments requiring advanced fire protection, providing a sense of peace and security. In addition to fire safety, Bistar stands out for its versatility by offering a custom acoustic solution. With sound insulation available in 35dB, 44dB, or 46dB, Bistar adapts to the specific sound isolation needs of any environment, ensuring a quiet and comfortable atmosphere. Choose the Bistar door to combine security, style, and comfort in one excellent solution.

Ideal Applications

Excellence Type Anuba Hinges: Anuba hinges give the door a sophisticated and contemporary design, ensuring reliable and long-lasting operation over time. FE Version with Robust Aluminum Frame: The availability of the FE version, equipped with a durable aluminum frame, contributes to providing additional solidity to the door, making it more resistant to weather conditions and extending its lifespan. Wide Range of Finishes and Models: Bistar offers a wide range of finishes and models, allowing it to adapt to different aesthetic and architectural needs. Fire Certifications EI 30 and EI 60: Available in certified EI 30 and EI 60 versions, Bistar guarantees a high level of safety in case of fire, meeting the most rigorous safety regulations. Version with Sound Insulation: In addition to fire certifications, the Bistar door offers an acoustic version with customizable insulation (35dB, 44dB, or 46dB), ideal for environments that require specific levels of sound protection.

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