Fireproof doors REI30

BIWALL is the flush-to-wall fire door range from the DAKAR collection, perfect for the hotel and contract markets, thanks to its high cost-effectiveness, flexible installation and minimalist and sophisticated design for the most exclusive environments. These doors are EI 30 certified, available with raw leaves to be finished to match with the surrounding walls or with smooth, lacquered, slatted or laminated leaves, with etched decorations. Doors can also be customised to meet the needs of every hotel.

BIWALL 30 flush-to-wall fire door, model 111, chalk-colour sincroporo laminate, available in different colours. This fire door is perfect for minimal chic hotels. Its functional and strong synthetic finish reproduces wood grain and pores in a very light grey tone.

BIWALL 30 fire door, model CL, Primer finish, paintable with wall paint. This minimalist EI30-certified fire door is perfect for a modern and sophisticated style. These doors can be finished while being mounted to match or contrast with the surrounding walls, for a complete and integrated design.

Dakar Biwall

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