Biwall EI 60 | Sistemi Filomuro | Surface Metalli | Brass

The minimal style with a modern and dynamic look, very captivating for a certified EI60 fire door (fire resistance of at least 30 minutes) with a 35 dB sound reduction. These are flush doors, with a REI certified frame incorporated into the wall.

The surface Metalli model, with essential and minimal lines, expresses a gritty character with unique finishes made with oxidized metal particles using a special procedure that makes each door unique, every product unique.

The BIWALL 60 fire doors are ideal for hotels where minimalism and essential style, in addition to the product's quality and technical performance, are linked to interior design and project. A guaranteed product manufactured according to the strictest international standards.


  • 58mm thickness
  • Shaped stop compared to the frame
  • Double solid wood perimeter structure
  • Hollow-core with MDF IDRO CARB FSC panels


  • Extruded aluminum frame, including the brackets for installation on masonry walls and the brackets for drywall, push version only.


  • Magnetic lock with Teflon latch
  • 70mm entrance with Key/Knob cylinder
  • 4 concealed hinges certified EI
  • Invisible chain door closer
  • Fixed and thermo-active expanding rods
  • No Sound Acoustic floor threshold







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