Bievo rei 30

BIEVO 30 fire door, DogaHori All8 model, with horizontal aluminium inserts, available in different lacquered and open-pore colours and wood finishes, perfect for modern accommodation facilities. Smooth door leaves are decorated with linear aluminium inserts, for a unique and modern design.

BP1036 etched and taupe lacquered, available in many colours, mat or glossy lacquers from the RAL/NCS ranges, to meet the requirements of the best hotels. You can choose from a wide selection of etched geometrical decorations. As per regulations, these doors are EI 30 certified.

BIEVO 30 fire door, CL model, lacquered, available with wood and lacquered finish, in all mat, glossy and open-pore colours from RAL and NCS ranges; perfect for hotel rooms in classic and modern style and in minimalist or more lavish furnishing. As per regulations, this doors are EI 30 certified.