Minima Crystal Transparent Extra-clear


The Filomuro Systems collection features a rigorous and essential design that blends in with any type of furniture. Filomuro doors you " eclipse" inside the wall or  highlight their fine finishes.

The design of the Crystal and Crystal BI door is characterized by an aluminum perimeter structure in different finishes concealed by a glass in light with a recessed handle. The hinged Crystal door has a single-glass door with aluminum profile in the Silver, Anthracite, Brown and White finishes. The doors are made to measure, with maximum dimensions in width from 1500x3000 mm in height.





  • Perimeter frame in extruded and oxidized aluminum
  • Predisposition for masonry or plasterboard
  • Crystal door in 45mm single glass
  • Can be made to measure
  • FULL HEIGHT version available up to 3000 mm 
  • Retractable certiere and magnetic lock
  • Torx screws


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