Filomuro Sliding Minima Hemp Lacquered Glass


The Filomuro collection by Bertolotto Porte is declined in different models, types and opening systems: hinged, internal sliding  muro, Doublé and Bidirectional and with Crystal and Crystal Bi glass doors.

The Filomuro Door Mimima  is a coplanar door with an extruded and oxidized aluminum frame, which can be treated with wall paints and is designed for anchoring both to traditional masonry and to plasterboard.


The Filomuro Minima Sliding Hybrid door is tata designed to be adaptable to the main flush-to-the-wall box systems of different brands.





  • Predisposition for masonry or plasterboard
  • 45mm single glass crystal door
  • Can be made to measure
  • FULL HEIGHT version available up to 3000 mm 
  • Retractable certiere and magnetic lock

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