Filomuro Minima Canaletto Walnut

Real wood è an important plus of our interior door collections: precious and contemporary woods are proposed such as Open Pore Lacquered Oak and Canaletto Walnut , represented here with an important grain, an ever-different, original and refined unicum.

The Wood Essence Finishes are available both for hinged or retractable sliding doors and in the FIlomuro version. 

The Filomuro collection by Bertolotto Porte è declined in different models, types and opening systems: hinged, internal sliding  muro, Doublé and Bidirectional and with Crystal and Crystal Bi glass doors.

The Filomuro Door Mimima  è a coplanar door with an extruded and oxidized aluminum frame, which can be treated with wall paints and is designed for anchoring both to traditional masonry and to plasterboard.

L& # 39; door flush with the wall thickness 44mm è consisting of a perimeter frame in solid wood with IPER 4 BOARD perimeter stops in ABS. 

The Filomuro Minima Sliding Hybrid door è tata designed to be adaptable to the main flush-to-the-wall box systems of different brands.




  • IPER 4 BOARD perimeter stops in ABS o, 8mm
  • Paintable primer
  • Internal structure in recycled 100 # 37 honeycomb
  • Also available in full height version
  • FULL HEIGHT version available up to 3000 mm 
  • Adjustable anti-sagging tie-rods as standard for heights over 2450 mm


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