Design Door Alaska 3159

Bertolotto's MetroMap collection of design doors was inspired by underground maps of the world's most important cities. Every door is unique and their simple lines create special decorations. On the door leaves, essential lines from the different maps meet. The door structure is sturdy, strong and solid, whilst decorations are light and details are carefully refined. You can choose between mat and polyester glossy finish, with a perfect mirror effect. Besides its elegant models, the collection also includes etched-glass doors, with transparent or satin tempered safety glass. This project includes modular wood panelling.




3 Advantages of sliding glass flush-to-wall doors.

  1. Max Brightness: The flush sliding glass doors allow natural light to enter abundantly into the rooms, creating a bright and open space. The extra-clear transparent glass of the door allows for uniform diffusion of light, helping to reduce dependency on artificial light during the day and creating a sense of well-being inside the spaces.

  2. Space Saving: These sliding doors are ideal for optimizing space, especially in environments with lateral space limitations. Their sliding mechanism allows for opening and closing the doors without the bulkiness of traditional doors, making them ideal for small rooms or narrow hallways.

  3. Modern and Elegant Aesthetics: The flush sliding glass doors offer a contemporary and elegant design. The transparent or frosted glass creates a clean and minimalist look that fits well with a variety of interior design styles. These doors can also become eye-catching and focal design elements within the spaces.

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