Design Door Berlin

Bertolotto's MetroMap collection of design doors was inspired by underground maps of the world's most important cities. Every door is unique and their simple lines create special decorations. On the door leaves, essential lines from the different maps meet. The door structure is sturdy, strong and solid, whilst decorations are light and details are carefully refined. You can choose between mat and polyester glossy finish, with a perfect mirror effect. Besides its elegant models, the collection also includes etched-glass doors, with transparent or satin tempered safety glass. This project includes modular wood panelling.





  • IDRO, CARB and FSC® certified TKT frame;
  • IPER 4 BOARD leaf edges on all 4 sides;
  • Hollow-core leaves with ECO honeycomb made from 100% recycled paper;
  • ACU PLUS noise-damping seals as standard;
  • Concealed hinges and magnetic lock as standard;
  • Also available with NO-GERMS anti-bacterial treatment;
  • Extensive customisation possibilities;
  • Available with various opening mechanisms;
  • Also available as cladding for armoured doors;
  • Also available on EI fire doors;
  • Certified Acoustic Door available;
  • Adjustable anti-warping tie rods as standard for heights over 2400 mm;
  • Teamed with IDRO MDF skirting board;
  • Mechanical components installed with the use of TORX screws;



3 Benefits of Folding Book Doors

Folding doors are a versatile solution for accessing interior and exterior spaces, offering a range of advantages that make them ideal for a variety of applications. Here are five main advantages of folding doors:

  1. Space Saving: Folding doors are ideal for interior spaces with space limitations, such as narrow hallways or small rooms. When opened, the panels fold compactly against the wall, effectively freeing up space and allowing better optimization of the available area.

  2. Flexible Room Separation: These doors offer the flexibility to separate or connect interior spaces according to needs. They can be used to divide a large room into two smaller spaces or create an open connection between two rooms, providing the possibility to quickly and practically adapt the layout of the spaces.

  3. Modern Design and Aesthetics: Folding doors can add a touch of modern and elegant design to interiors. They are available in a variety of materials and finishes, allowing customization to fit your decorating style. Their clean and minimalist appearance can enhance the aesthetics of interior spaces, helping to create an appealing environment.

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