BISTAR 30 Natura fire doors

The Bistar fire-rated door by Bertolotto is the epitome of excellence in terms of safety and versatility, offering a wide range of finishes and models to meet diverse needs. Its distinctive feature lies in the use of high-quality Anuba hinges, synonymous with long-term reliability and impeccable functionality. Exceeding expectations, the Bistar also offers an FE version, equipped with a sturdy aluminum frame, providing additional solidity and durability to the door. Certified in EI 30 and EI 60 versions, the Bistar fire-rated door ensures the highest level of safety in case of fire, making it the ideal choice for environments that require advanced fire protection, offering a safe and peaceful refuge. In addition to fire certifications, Bistar offers a customized acoustic solution, with insulation available in 35dB, 44dB, or 46dB, adapting to the specific needs of each environment, creating a serene and comfortable space. The Bistar door by Bertolotto represents the complete solution that combines safety, style, and comfort in one package.


BIT OPERA is a lock system specifically designed for the hospitality industry, characterized by an innovative magnetic movement. Ideal for large hotel structures with more than 25 users, it can interface with most software available on the market. Available in three different colors, it can be combined with any type of Bertolotto handle, offering a versatile and customizable solution.

Technical characteristics BIT OPERA

  • TWIN LOCK The magnetic latch is released as soon as the door is placed against the frame, and the automatic bolt lock engages, ensuring maximum anti-break-in security. The door closes silently.
  • ANTI-BREAK-IN EFFECTIVENESS The bolt lock protects the room from both electronic (with a card) and physical (with tools) break-in attempts.
  • PANIC LOCK From inside the room, lowering the handle instantly unlocks the bolt lock and latch for immediate door opening.
  • INTEGRATED READER Innovative and minimal design reader and battery holder, with customizable cover.
  • CONTACTLESS CARD Thanks to RFID technology, the card has no specific orientation and does not need to be inserted, just bring it close to the reader. The card does not demagnetize, cannot be cloned, and can be personalized with the hotel's logo and graphics. An electronic bracelet or keychain can be provided as an alternative to the card.
  • NO WIRING Thanks to the battery holder integrated into the inner side of the door, no wiring is required.

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