BISUPER REVER 60 Stave Hori fire door

The BISUPER REVER fire door represents the perfect synthesis between the exceptional technical characteristics of the Bisuper and the elegant aesthetic simplicity of the Birever. This high-end door is characterized by its solid wood frame and casing that harmoniously integrate with the push leaf, available in both symmetrical and asymmetrical configurations. One of the key aspects that enhances the security of the Bisuper Rever is the multipoint lock, designed to extend along the entire leaf rebate. This system allows simultaneous locking on multiple points, making a significant contribution to the overall security enhancement of the structure. Thanks to this feature, the Bisuper Rever is positioned in Burglary Resistance Class 2, ensuring a higher level of protection for the environment in which it is installed. In addition to being a refined aesthetic addition to spaces, the Bisuper Rever also represents an investment in advanced security. The combination of high-quality materials, sophisticated design, and advanced security technology makes it the ideal choice for those seeking a complete and reliable solution for their home or commercial structure.

The multipoint lock covers the entire length of the door frame and allows simultaneous locking at multiple points, greatly increasing the security of the closure. Thanks to it, the Bisuper Rever achieves Class 2 anti-burglary certification.

Wood Essence Stave Hori | Sonoma oak

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