BISUPER REVER PantoQuadra LP6 fire door

The BISUPER REVER fire door is the perfect expression of the fusion between the extraordinary technical features of the Bisuper and the elegant simplicity of the Birever. This high-end door stands out for its solid wood frame and casings that harmoniously integrate with the swing leaf, available in both symmetric and asymmetric configurations.

One of the key elements that contributes to enhancing the security of the Bisuper Rever is the multipoint lock, specifically designed to extend along the entire door leaf. This system allows simultaneous locking at multiple points, providing a remarkable improvement to the overall security of the structure. Thanks to this distinctive feature, the Bisuper Rever obtains the Class 2 anti-burglary certification, thus guaranteeing a higher level of protection for the environment in which it is installed.

In addition to offering refined aesthetics to spaces, the Bisuper Rever represents an investment in advanced security. The combination of high-quality materials, sophisticated design, and advanced security technology makes it the ideal choice for those who are looking for a complete and reliable solution for their residence or commercial structure.



Technical features

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