BISUPER REVER 60 PantoIncisa BP 1064

The BISUPER REVER fire door is the perfect result of the union between the excellent technical characteristics of the Bisuper and the refined aesthetic simplicity of the Birever. This high-end and complete door stands out for its solid wood frame and moldings in perfect harmony with the push door, available in both symmetrical and asymmetrical versions. A key element that enhances the security of the Bisuper Rever is the multi-point lock, designed to cover the entire length of the door frame. This system allows for simultaneous locking at multiple points, significantly contributing to enhancing the overall security of the structure. Thanks to this feature, the Bisuper Rever achieves Class 2 anti-burglary, guaranteeing a superior level of protection for the environment in which it is installed. The Bisuper Rever is not only an elegant aesthetic addition to spaces, but also an investment in advanced security. The fusion of high-quality materials, sophisticated design, and advanced security technology makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a complete and reliable solution for their home or commercial structure.

Technical features

Both the Bisuper Rever model and the Birever model have the option to have a 180mm wide handle-side cover strip. It is also possible to engrave the cover strip with the customer's choice of text.

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