Surface Metalli - Product of the Year

Product of the Year 2020

Voted Prduct of the Year, the Innovation Award based solely on consumer rating. The products are voted by 12.000 consumers; innovation and satisfaction are vital criteria for the election of each product/service and for 30 years, more than 3.5.billion consumers in over 40 different countries world-wide trust products bearing the Voted Product of the Year Logo.

Thanks to its uniqueness, the SURFACE METALLI collection claimed this significant accolade. The voters appreciated the specific appeal of the 10 finishes in the collection, the main distinguishing feature of which is the exclusiveness of every element, which is similar but never quite the same: the Flush-fit Systems, with striking yet simpleand minimalsilhuettes, have an enhanced appeal thanks to these tactile and visual effects that recall Ferro (iron), Rame (copper) ,Bronzo (bronze), Ottone (brass) and Stagno ( tin).

The latest trends in modern architecture can come into our homes with the bright gleam of metal. Whether the feature a noble touch of a rougher finish, the surfaces are tranformed into unmistakable pieces; thanks also to the consistent presence of genuine metal parts and to impeccable craftsmanship, the end results is extremely realistic: the material becomes design.

Archiproducts in one of the biggest networks for architecture and design. Desicated to brands and designers who, together, take bets on ideas and projects, and experiment and research continuously to improve the way we enjoy and experience a spece, for the last four years, the Archiproducts Design Awards reward collaborations and innovation.

Bertolotto Porte is proud to have taken part in the contest with irs SURFACE METALLI products; thanks to this collection, the company was selected fot the Longlist in the final phase.

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