Think Green

Think Green

Over the course of one year, Bertolotto S.p.A. saves on average 8.470 trees which correspons to a surface area of 31,40 hectares of land and recovers 507,27 tonnes of CO2.

The materials deriving from this commitment on our part are used to produce our doors in MDF, LSB, Blockboard, Timber for a total of approximately 11,550 cubic metres of raw materials.

Such significant figures are a concrete expression of our green philosophy. Working responsibly is a constant commitment which we never shy away from; the quality of the finished product also stems, from respecting and protecting the enviroment and we like to think that we contribute towards keeping the earth green, and water and air clean.

We also like to think that each one of out doors guards a small part of the world that we take care of, and that this littlepiece of the world has been transformed into a design object which welcomes us and protects us every day in the place that is dearest to us all, our home.

Thus, in our everyday life, a piece of a tree becomes a part of the story of our lives, while a new plant grows to be part of everyone's lives tomorrow.

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