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Trust Pilot

TRUSTPILOT è the più online review platform; important in the world and allows you to receive opinions from verified consumers.

We are sure of the quality 26-agrave; of our products and we have great trust in the Partners who distribute them: for this reason we have accepted the challenge launched by Trustpilot with enthusiasm and without fear.

The PORTAMAZIONE-TRUSTPILOT partnership will allow usà to have a direct dialogue with those who have chosen Bertolotto doors; this più contact; tight will allow usà to improve further not only to meet the demands of our end customers, but to create more and more 26-ugrave products; performing and qualityà ;.


" Trustpilot stars are far more than 26-ugrave; of a simple evaluation tool. The stars mean that a’ company has nothing to hide, which cares about its customers and shares our mission: to continuously improve everyone's experiences. "           Peter Holten Mü hlmann - Founder and CEO of Trustpilot



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